Healthcare leaders share their 2024 plans and priorities

Executives from different areas of healthcare shared how they’re planning to make the most of the new year.
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Between a number of health-related measures on the ballot, developments in artificial intelligence (AI) that promise to revolutionize patient care, and an anticipated wave of labor activity, this year is teed up to be a big one for healthcare.

As we get over the mid-January lull in motivation to fulfill our New Year’s goals, Healthcare Brew checked in with leaders across the industry to see how they’re planning to make the most of a potentially monumental 2024.

“As a healthcare community, we’re facing a critical shortage of clinicians, and yet the needs of our communities have never been greater,” Tina Livaudais, chief nursing officer at dialysis provider DaVita, told Healthcare Brew, adding that one of her top focuses has been creating new opportunities for medical students and early-career clinicians.

Last year, the company partnered with Chamberlain University in Chicago to develop a nephrology practice specialty curriculum and provided a $1 million grant for online school Western Governors University to boost the number of nursing graduates, she said.

DaVita also created “immersive nurse residency programs” aimed at helping newly graduated nurses transition smoothly into the workforce, according to Livaudais.

“I’m really passionate about the work we’re doing at DaVita to ensure the next generation of students feel encouraged by the opportunities that await them in the medical field,” she said.

Lissy Hu, president of connected networks at health tech company WellSky, said she’s keeping an eye on new innovations in generative AI in 2024.

“After so much hype in 2023, expectations are high for 2024. At WellSky, we are excited by the possibilities and the promise of AI in making healthcare data more accessible and meaningful for clinicians,” Hu said. “It certainly isn’t the be-all [and] end-all, but it can serve as a powerful tool to augment the work providers do by removing repetitive tasks and enabling more informed decision-making—all to drive improved care and outcomes.”

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Helen Merianos, head of research and development (R&D) portfolio strategy at pharmaceutical company Sanofi, also listed advancements in AI as one of the things she’s focused on for 2024.

“I’m excited about what’s ahead for healthcare and the pharmaceutical industries, as AI is transforming portfolio management and accelerating drug development,” Merianos said. “For me, this means faster and smarter decisions that will ultimately benefit the patients we serve and supercharge our ability to chase the miracles of science in service of improving people’s lives.”

Sanofi will continue to use AI to shorten clinical trial timelines and streamline regulatory processes in 2024, Merianos said.

“We hope in the end, this will have a bigger impact on the patients we serve,” she said.

Kevin Sayer, chairman, president, and CEO of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) manufacturer Dexcom, said that one of the company’s main focuses for 2024 will be using its CGM technology to help prevent the onset and progression of diabetes.

“We plan to launch a unique glucose-sensing solution [in 2024] designed for people who don’t use insulin, which is about 70% of Americans living with diabetes,” Sayer said. “With the alarming rise in diabetes in the US and globally, we are at an inflection point. Now more than ever, it is important for us to explore new products, software experiences, and access channels to help bring CGM to as many people who can benefit from it as possible.”

Tadaaki Taniguchi, chief medical officer and head of medical and development at Astellas Pharma, said that 2024 could be a “year of breakthroughs in oncology and novel modalities.”

“Beyond Astellas, oncology continues to dominate the global R&D pipeline, and exciting new treatment options could be significantly advanced by this time next year,” Taniguchi said. “I can’t wait to see what scientific advancements unfold throughout 2024.”

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