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We’re appreciating occupational therapists this month.
Morning Brew April 03, 2024

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Happy Wednesday! April is National Occupational Therapist month, which celebrates one of the many underappreciated healthcare professions. Occupational therapists work in many different settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes, to help patients who were injured or who have a disability gain the ability to perform everyday tasks. If you have an occupational therapist in your life, take some time this month to say thanks!

In today’s edition:

In-house innovation

March-in rights

The clock strikes 12

—Maia Anderson, Will Peischel


Hospital investors

Positive arrows pointing upward above healthcare symbols Francis Scialabba

As health systems face numerous financial challenges coming out of the pandemic, some are relying on an innovative source of revenue to bridge the gaps: internal venture capital (VC) arms.

At least 23 health systems operate VC arms, according to a tracker from Becker’s Health IT, with the primary goal of generating additional revenue streams, Richard Gundling, SVP of professional practice for the Healthcare Financial Management Association, told Healthcare Brew.

“Certainly coming through the pandemic with lots of increased costs, both for workforce [and] supplies […] there’s going to be a lot of constraints on inpatient care in some of the traditional areas of hospitals and health systems in their revenue streams,” Gundling said. “[VC] is another opportunity to be able to have growth.”

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Bring care closer to home

Siemens Healthineers

A critical step in expanding healthcare access is reaching patients where they are. That includes prioritizing affordability and convenience, empowering patient choice, and working together to transform the system of care.

The team at Siemens Healthineers offers the tools to help you bring consistent, high-value care closer to patients.

How? Not just with their comprehensive portfolio of products and services but also with their one-on-one approach to understanding your business goals. No matter your specialty or practice size—from staffing and operations to financing, site selection, and design—Siemens Healthineers can help you at every step of your outpatient journey.

Ready to bring your outpatient goals from vision to value? Start here.


Slashing prices

A mountain of pharmaceutical pills in front of the US capital building Amelia Kinsinger

One federal agency has found a mechanism for the Biden administration to lower drug costs: a little-known provision from a 44-year-old law called march-in rights. And by adding some tweaks to the law, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) believes it can help the US government go up against drug companies.

NIST has begun the process of making high costs a reason for the government to invoke march-in rights, which would (in theory) compel pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices or risk losing out on exclusive patents—formulas that are billion-dollar moneymakers for the likes of Pfizer, Astellas, and other drug companies.

“We’re taking a very important step toward ending price gouging,” President Joe Biden said in a statement as part of the December 2023 announcement that listed march-in rights as a central strategy to tackling drug costs.

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Do you work in healthcare or have information about the industry that we should know? Email Will at [email protected]. For confidential conversations, ask Will for his number on Signal.



Change of plans

Coffee cup paired with a clock striking midnight Francis Scialabba

When a clinician admits a Medicare beneficiary for inpatient care, their choice may have been influenced by a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) standard that sounds like a term from a spy novel: the two-midnight rule.

The two-midnight rule is used when a clinician believes that a Medicare beneficiary needs hospital care that will likely eclipse two midnights—requiring inpatient care instead of cheaper outpatient care, Regan Tankersley, an attorney at the law firm Hall Render who advises healthcare systems, told Healthcare Brew.

“It’s a more expensive setting, it’s more expensive care, and so it costs more for the payer,” she said.

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Siemens Healthineers

Expand sustainably. Siemens Healthineers helps take the guesswork out of opening a new outpatient center or expanding your services, letting you focus on delivering high-quality care. Get your site right with comprehensive solutions from experts. Learn more.


A laptop tracking vital signs is placed on rolling medical equipment. Francis Scialabba

Today’s top healthcare reads.

Stat: Three in four leading healthcare companies are experimenting with generative AI, according to a recent survey. (IT Brew)

Quote: “That man needed help. If they were monitoring him like they were supposed to, this wouldn’t be going on.”—Roe Dewayne, a resident at a mental health shelter in New York City, on the man who shoved a stranger in front of a oncoming subway (the New York Times)

Read: It took Portugal years for its drug decriminalization policy to succeed in reducing drug-related deaths. Oregon gave a similar policy only three years. (Politico)

​​Solutions that stick: As providers expand their services to meet the growing demand for personalized, convenient healthcare, Siemens Healthineers helps practices make well-informed decisions for their patients and their bottom line. Turn challenges into opportunities.*

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