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Morning Brew May 26, 2023

Healthcare Brew

It’s Friday! This weekend marks the unofficial start of barbecue season. If you need another reason to grill up a healthy feast (pass the vegetable skewers!), a growing number of programs are exploring the idea of “food as medicine”—an effort that might lower healthcare spending by billions. Drop us a line to tell us about other innovative healthcare and nutrition programs (or your favorite grilling recipes).

In today’s edition:

Trans care in Texas

Getting regular

🧉 Making Rounds

—Maia Anderson, Jasmine Sheena, Shannon Young


Banned care

A child wears a denim shirt with a rainbow patch on it. Iurii Krasilnikov/Getty Images

Every doctor in the adolescent medicine department at Dell Children’s Medical Center, an acute care pediatric hospital in Austin, Texas, left the hospital this month following an investigation into the hospital’s gender-affirming care services, The Guardian reported.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the investigation May 5, claiming the hospital engaged in “potentially illegal” activity in providing gender-affirming care to minors.

Texas’s legislature approved a bill on May 17 that bans gender-affirming care for children, but the bill still requires final approval from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, NPR reported.

It’s unclear if the hospital fired the doctors or if they chose to leave of their own accord. It’s also unclear how many doctors left the hospital. Ascension, the Catholic-affiliated health system that owns Dell Children’s, did not respond to Healthcare Brew’s request for comment.

“We are working with our staff, families, and other providers to ensure our patients’ safety and make sure we are helping families connect with the appropriate healthcare services,” Dell Children’s said in a statement sent to The Guardian. “While the physicians who previously staffed the clinic will be departing, the clinic remains open and supported by other physicians within Dell Children’s Medical Group.”

In a statement to KXAN, Ascension reiterated that the clinic “has not closed.”

“We continue to be advocates for the best possible care and treatment for children in Central Texas,” Ascension’s statement said.

The Texas attorney general’s investigation into Dell Children’s came after far-right group Project Veritas published a video allegedly showing a hospital social worker saying Dell Children’s provides certain gender-affirming care services for children as young as eight or nine years old, sometimes after a single consultation, according to the Texas Tribune.

Keep reading here.—MA

Do you work in healthcare or have information about the industry that we should know? Email Maia at [email protected] For completely confidential conversations, ask Maia for her number on Signal.



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Doctor developed

Maria Dempsey, Lo Bosworth, and Minda Smiley at Marketing Brew's The Brief Kristoffer Tripplaar

When Love Wellness founder Lo Bosworth began talking about vaginal health on her Instagram account in 2016, the same year she founded the company, she had her fair share of critics.

“Everybody I knew was laughing at me behind my back, and journalists were writing snarky articles about me,” she told the audience at Marketing Brew’s summit, The Brief.

Now, her products are sold at retailers including Ulta and Target. Bosworth’s interest in the health and wellness space stemmed from her own health problems, which she said were being exacerbated by ingredients in the legacy drugstore products that dominated the women’s personal-care market. Through her experiences, she began Love Wellness, a brand that specializes in “doctor-developed” products for women ranging from probiotics to daily multivitamins.

At The Brief, Bosworth sat down with Minda Smiley, editor of Marketing Brew, to talk about her company’s marketing and messaging, embracing her personal narrative as part of the brand, and using social media to its advantage.

To be frank. During the discussion, Bosworth said that having open conversations around women’s health is a large part of the Love Wellness brand. For instance, Bosworth talks about the fact that she has dealt with UTIs, yeast infections, and BV on the brand’s Instagram.

“Once you are in the category for long enough, and once you do this for long enough, I think you realize the opportunity that you have to really educate consumers about their bodies and truly make a difference in their day-to-day health,” she said.

Earlier this year, Bosworth brought on Maria Dempsey to serve as CEO of Love Wellness. Dempsey, who has previously held marketing positions at brands like Lancôme and Clarins, said the company’s efforts to destigmatize conversations around women’s health will remain a crucial part of Love Wellness moving forward.

Keep reading at Marketing Brew.—JS



Making Rounds

A man with a suit and tie smiles

On Fridays, we schedule our rounds with Healthcare Brew readers. Want to be featured in an upcoming edition? Click here to introduce yourself.

This week’s Making Rounds spotlights Sam Nimah, CEO of TriVent Healthcare, a Florida-based company that helps hospitals wean patients off ventilators. TriVent generates an average of $200,000 per bed in incremental net income for facilities.

Nimah discussed how the Covid-19 pandemic refocused attention on ventilator care, as well as the importance of improving corporate culture amid persistent, industry-wide workforce shortages.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Tell me about TriVent Healthcare and why it’s hard for hospitals to wean patients off ventilators.

Patients on mechanical ventilation pose a significant risk [and] liability for hospitals, as well as cost hospitals a lot of money. The solution that the industry has had for decades simply doesn’t work: It doesn’t get the patient off the ventilator. Patients don’t rehabilitate in the intensive care unit (ICU) very well, and sending them to long-term acute care has failed the patient, as well.

What we do is open a unit within the acute hospital. Through our tested protocols and our very specific staffing model, we’re able to liberate the patient from the ventilator much faster and with greater success than really anybody else in the industry.

Patients who are on mechanical ventilation—life support—might be in a neuro ICU or a cardiovascular ICU, or a trauma burn ICU, but nowhere do they actually get the multidisciplinary care that we provide.

We’re currently working with two hospitals in Florida and Alabama.

How did Covid affect your business? Have you seen more interest from other hospitals?

All Covid did was shine a spotlight on what we do.

Keep reading here.—SY

Do you work in healthcare or have information about the industry that we should know? Email Shannon at [email protected] For completely confidential conversations, ask Shannon for her number on Signal.



A laptop tracking vital signs is placed on rolling medical equipment. Francis Scialabba

Today’s top healthcare reads.

Stat: The CDC reported a 12% decrease in new HIV infections between 2017 and 2021. (Politico)

Quote: “When we met him, he was completely paralyzed, unable to take a step by himself without assistance.”—Grégoire Courtine, a neuroscientist at EPFL, a research university in Switzerland, of a man he and his team tested an implant on that successfully helped the patient move again (NBC News)

Read: Drought has increased the risk of arsenic in well water, which can cause health issues. (KFF Health News)


  • One mental health clinic in Tampa employs “professional secret keepers.”
  • Almost half of young women reported negative experiences with their provider in the past two years.
  • Ever wonder how wine makes a drinker feel, from first sip to the next day? The Guardian broke it down for you.
  • Ozempic might have another interesting side effect: stopping other compulsive behaviors, like smoking and nail biting.


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Written by Maia Anderson, Jasmine Sheena, and Shannon Young

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